Taxidermy Foam Kits

We consider taxidermy a combination of art and science. Which is why we’re proud of our long history of providing best-in-class taxidermy foam kits to America’s wildlife artists and scientists. Since the 1970’s, taxidermists have relied on our easy to use taxidermy foam to create individual works of art, mass produce forms and craft everything in between. Today, these same craftsmen rely not only on our durable, chip-resistant foam, they also depend on our outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

Boat & Dock Foam Kits

We’re passionate about all things boating, including our easy to use flotation foam kits. Designed for the DIYer, our 2-part boat and dock foam kits offer the convenience to complete your boat or dock project in short order. Whether you need to fill an entire hull or simply want extra buoyancy or additional structural integrity, our marine foam kits will have you out on the water in record time.

Arts, Crafts, and more

If you can imagine it, you can make it with FSI foam kits. From arts and crafts to sculpture, molding, millwork or nearly any other type of project, if it’s castable or carvable you can create it with our easy to use foam kits. The kits are economical, eco-friendly and available in the size and density you need for your next project.

Easy to use

Our two-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam kits are designed for ease of use. Simply mix the two components in equal amounts and pour the mixture into the area to be filled. It’s that easy. Each foam kit comes complete with safety gloves, a mixing blade and a stir stick, along with detailed mixing instructions.

About FSI

Established in 1972, Foam Supplies, Inc. is a family-owned company that has evolved into one of the country’s leading providers of sustainable polyurethane foam systems. FSI has led the industry with innovative products that have paved the way for environmental responsibility and sustainability. From international corporations to small businesses to DIYers, we’re proud of our rich history of offering better products that are better for the environment. Learn more at and