Arts, Crafts, and More

Foam Kits for Arts, Crafts, and more

If you can imagine it, you can make it with FSI foam kits. From arts and crafts to sculpture, molding, millwork or nearly any other type of project, if it’s castable or carvable you can create it with our easy to use foam kits. The kits are economical, eco-friendly and available in the size and density you need for your next project.

We have a rich history of producing best-in-class foam kits for our customers. Our two-part, polyurethane foam kits help artists, home crafters and professionals create an endless possibility of projects – let your imagination soar!

Enjoy peace-of-mind with the knowledge that our foam kits are environmentally friendly. They contain no ingredients or agents that harm the planet. Our foam kits give you the opportunity to use a sustainable foam product at no additional cost – which is good news for you, and good news for the planet.